Couples Counseling

Are you having relationship problems?

  • Do you feel that you and your partner aren’t connecting anymore?
  • Do you feel hopeless that things in your relationship will every improve?
  • Do you find yourself thinking of separating from your partner?
  • Do you and your partner lack fulfilling physical and emotional intimacy?
  • Do you and your partner argue more than ever and don’t seem to communicate effectively?

Once there is distance or fighting in a relationship it is hard to get the feelings and conversation going again. Past abuseaffairsinternet useanger managementdepression and chronic pain and/or illness are a few of the issues that start problems for couples. These are difficult issues to discuss and I will be active in your discussion together, so it is productive, supportive, and not hurtful.

There are specific skills and attitudes that can be taught rapidly to an individual or a couple. Waiting to make changes in a relationship has been shown by research to increase the possibility of divorce or a separation. Take action soon!

Either or both of you can start change.  Depression and anxiety often spread in a family without prevention. These signs mean a relationship is in trouble:

  • Lack of affection or sexual interest
  • Distance (withdrawing from each other)
  • Trust/infidelity concerns
  • Increased arguing  
  • Poor communication

Counseling can bring you hope. I assess and customize skills and attitudes for you that have been shown to build relationships. You can try new approaches even without your partner. You can learn and see these benefits: 

  • Less conflict and fighting
  • Calmness
  • Healing from anger, affairs, name calling
  • Forgiveness for past hurts
  • Connection with each other and your dreams
  • Respect and affection with sexual intimacy
  • Improved communication skills

Perhaps you feel stuck in your relationship, or you feel bored, or you feel like your partner has changed to the point that you don’t recognize him or her. Don’t give up! My work is so gratifying because I have seen couples go through the worst and come out closer than ever. I usually credit that rebound with two things: 1. An openness and willingness to change, and 2. Making a commitment to carve out the time to reconnect. Both of those are where couples counseling comes in!

My passion is counseling individuals and couples who want joy, contentment, and connection in their relationships. I utilize evidence-based strategies to systematically work on problems that are proven to be effective in helping clients improve their connection with their loved one.

In sessions, I take a dual approach. We will analyze and discuss practical situations that occurred the week before to direct treatment and develop specific strategies and interventions. I also use a structured guide designed to give my clients the tools and framework with which they can have meaningful conversations about a wide-range of issues on which to reflect including the strengths and areas that need improvement in the relationship.

Topics covered in treatment include Exploring Who You are as a Couple, Exploring Who Each of You is and What you Bring to the Relationship, Exploring the Dynamics of Your Relationship, and Working Together to Strengthen Your Relationship.

As the therapy process continues, couples develop a greater understanding of themselves and how they are experienced by their partner. Ideally, this awareness leads them to take responsibility for their part in the relationship issues and to have more respect, empathy, and appreciation for each other. All of these improvements lend themselves to a greater sense of connection, which is a crucial cornerstone to a strong and loving relationship.

Note: Insurance will cover sessions for many of the issues listed above and I am on many insurance panels. All clients desiring to use insurance need to call several days before an appointment, so I can verify insurance coverage. There are many types and variations in plans and all those details need to be discussed.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs, contact me at 630-360-8416. Feel free to reach out by text or phone whenever is convenient. Or you can email me at [email protected]